Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Thousand Little Tragedies

I was looking out over the gorgeous mountains on a pleasant day, surrounded by the singing of my coworkers and suddenly these words popped into my mind. A thousand little tragedies. Babies were dying because mom couldn’t make the eight hour trek to the nearest hospital. Women were being abused and had no recourse to do anything about it. Hundreds of thousands of children with no money for school would never know the joy of getting lost in a book or the satisfaction of putting pen to paper.

And yet, there is dancing and singing and laughing and praying. There is love and marriage and parents cooing over first steps. There are games of soccer, girls doing their hair to impress that boy they like, women who will cook for days to prepare for guests. There are mountains that approach the sea, sunsets that will take your breath away, and more stars than I have ever seen in my life.

Yes, there are a thousand little tragedies in Haiti and they are easy to identify and focus on. But there are people who endure them with joy and hope because there are also the thousand little miracles of life. Haitians certainly know how to celebrate life… stay tuned to hear about Carnival!

Sunrise on the beach during the nursing school staff retreat this weekend in Port Salut. Three days full of strategic planning, brainstorming, and great team building! It is truly a pleasure to work for FSIL because of the ownership that the staff and students feel for the school. All but a handful of the staff are FSIL graduates and they are willing to work very hard to make sure that the next generation succeeds.

We had dinner on the beach the last night and drank from coconuts to the music of a traditional band. The Dean made sure everyone was up and dancing by the end! 

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