Saturday, March 22, 2014

"It Always Seems Impossible Until it is [almost] Done."

Look at those stacks of boxes 

Can you stack boxes like that?

Catheters for dayssss 

Ok, it looks like nothing and I am quoting Nelson Mandela about apartheid. But these pictures represents hundreds of thousands of dollars of money saved by the hospital after three months of work on my part. St. Croix has received donations of medical supplies for a number of years and no one had really taken responsibility or been able to read the English that the boxes were labeled with to be able to get them in order. I spent 20ish hours a week for the last three months sorting through these boxes (where syringes and cast materials often laid side by side with ice packs and medications), getting them in order, and this week I created a bilingual inventory of the hospital. During my three months, I often felt like Santa Clause. I would appear with IV start kits or syringes or nebulizer masks and delight the nurses who were washing masks or using the wrong sized syringes. Still, the boxes kept coming and the work seemed never ending. Just in time for the humidity to ramp up again, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It really did seem impossible. But now it is (almost) done. 

There is still work that remains, including training the staff on how to use the new digitized system, getting my stock policies approved,  cleaning up a few more problem areas, and (once my fluorescent pink labels arrive from the USA) labeling each box in French. But for now, I am feeling pretty proud that the hospital now has access to all of these fantastic resources. 
A before shot of a stock room that flooded that I have now emptied! 

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