Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

My lovely blog readers! I owe you some articles I have not been writing as I wait for pictures… so here comes number one: MY BIRTHDAY!!!

In case you have never spent the month of March with me, I love my birthday and begin celebrating it the moment my sister’s birthday passes at the end of February. This year, my coworkers at FSIL pulled off a surprise party in the most Haitian fashion.

I was highly suspicious that there was a party: early in the month, I had suggested that I wanted to throw a party.

“No, no, no, we are on top of it.”

The weekend before my birthday, a friend comes over when I am Skyping with my parents

 “Don’t worry, we have big things planned.”

But then the deception begins. They convince me there is no party. I spend my birthday getting the sweetest cards, being sung to everywhere, and generally having a great day.

“But why aren’t you having a party tonight?”

“Why aren’t the students throwing you a party?”

Finally, Shirley says, “You need to do something for your birthday. I am taking you out for dinner. Pick you up at 7:30.”

It is 7:30. 
It is 8:00. 
It is 8:30.
It is 8:45. “Maybe I should get in the shower.”  

The phone rings “Sorry, be there in 10 minutes!”
Bear in mind, the compound gates lock at 9:00. Lights out is 10:00.

At 9:20, she arrives.

“We have to stop and pick up my husband, he is joining us.”

 “Oh come inside, meet the new puppies.”

It was a beautiful party with oodles of delicious food (hence the delay), toasts in four languages (French, English, Creole, and Spanish for kicks), dancing, and good friends. I truly appreciate the way that everyone has taken me in as a part of their community and given me true and deep exposure to Haitian culture.

A Birthday I Will Never Forget! 

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