Monday, June 16, 2014

Some Photos

Happy Mango Season... 15 mangos for about $1.10!

Haitian Flag Day Celebration in May. The Haitian flag is a block of blue and a block of red with the Haitian seal in the middle (you can see a flag sticking out of my ponytail). This schema was made by taking the tricolor French flag (vertical blocks of Red, white, and Blue) and "ripping out the white man." We were off to a parade! 

Sunset is consistently gorgeous. But we can also talk about the trash pile... most garbage is burned in Haiti. 
Things that make you exactly as sweaty as you think that they would: ironing in the tropics. And as far as Haitians are concerned (and remembering that power is just a sometimes thing here) everything MUST be pressed. 

We have some beautiful flora

Me with some friends at a talent show/dance following the capping ceremony. Things that are cultural universals, it seems: photo shoots

At the end of May we took a field trip to the Haitian History Museum and Fort Jacques. Fort Jacques is located WAY up in the mountains. And it was rainy.  I WAS COLD. It was the strangest feeling in the world. It was also beautiful. I love how you can see the shape of Haiti from all the way up here (this looks out over Port au Prince) 
Umbrella selfies! 

A while back a visitor brought a bunch of balloons... it was an incredibly entertaining night. 

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