Thursday, July 3, 2014


I was asked to spend a few days out in Darbonne at a Women’s and Children’s health clinic that is a satellite of Sainte Croix. To get there, it is a 20-minute drive down a road that looks like this. Thank goodness for good trucks and strong vertebrae.

The clinic is really phenomenal and serves around 125 people every day with two physicians and a handful of nurses. These pictures are from the afternoon, because in the morning there is no space for picture taking! 
They have a maternity building for women who are giving birth. Women are allowed to stay for twelve hours after their babies are born but many choose to leave sooner, either so that they can fulfill household responsibilities or engage in traditional post-birth practices. One of these involves sitting over a bucket full of some hot water and some herbs to return everything to its rightful way.

There is also a clinic that sees sick kids and adults.

 And finally they offer family planning services.

I was there to check out how they do their inventory and give it a little modern twist. The staff was fabulous, welcoming, and hard working and it was an exciting couple of days. 

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