Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas...

...Just like no Christmas that I have ever known!

Welcome back after my brief blogging hiatus! I was in the USA at the beginning of December to interview for medical schools. It was a crazy time of running up and down the east coast, but I squeezed in some time to catch up with friends, celebrate Christmas with the family, and experience 3 snow storms that made me ready to head south again! I am also incredibly happy to say I got my first acceptance call before I left home, so I will definitely being heading to medical school in the fall!

I arrived back in Haiti just in time to light the 3rd candle of advent, give some midterms, and start the Christmas celebrations! Yesterday, December 20, was probably the most unique, exciting, and heartwarming Christmas celebration I have ever seen. Nwel pou tout timoun (Christmas for Every Child) is an annual event hosted by the nursing school for over 300 children. Come take a tour of the event!

The gentlemen setting up the waiting room in the morning! 

Children and parents arrived in droves! 

The dirtiest were taken off for a bath. This is where I spent most of my day. A few of the kids were hilariously terrified of me, but for the most part they were ambivalent or moderately fascinated.

Some got washed with bowls of water, I much preferred the hose method. 

After their baths, they got a shiny new outfit and their hair done! You should have seen them strutting their stuff!

Of course I was in costume.

Afterwards, it was off to have their height, weight and vitals checked, see a doctor and then to the pharmacy, which was stocked with antimalarial drugs, antiparastics, vitamins, protein, antibiotics, analgesics, and a medicine for skin infections. 

And for consenting to all of this, the kids each got a toy at the end! It was adorable to watch them decide and love their Christmas toy!

And finally, we sent them on their way with a hot meal and a juice box!

Christmas has long been my favorite holiday and this was an amazing and unique way to start the celebrations in my temporary home!

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