Friday, December 27, 2013

Putting on our Fancy Pants

Things I never thought that I would need to bring to Haiti: a full length ball gown. 

Orpha and I in our kind-of matching dresses

It has been a lovely week full of celebration! Saturday night was the Fete de Decembre at the school. We celebrated Christmas and the New Year with a formal wear festival, a variety show, and a dance. I was a part of the Parade of Nations, playing the role of England (apparently, it would have been "too obvious" if I played America.) 

Things I never thought that I would have to learn while in Haiti: how to model.
4th Year Students doing a Choreographed Dance
After the variety show, we had dinner... at midnight!!! Then the dance started. First it started with a group of friends deciding that I needed to be taught how to dance like a Haitian on stage... in front of 300 people. My hips just don't move like that. After that, everyone moved into the cafeteria to dance the night away. Because it isn't a good idea for people to be on the roads in the middle of the night, the party did not end until 5:00 am. By 3:00, there were people sleeping all over the school! 

I had a quiet Christmas full of corny Christmas movies, Skyping with my family, and games of Jenga. Then it was time to get ready for our next big event on the 26th... Marrah's wedding! Marrah is another teacher at the school, so all of the teachers and students were invited. 

Haitian weddings look very similar to American weddings, with a few notable exceptions. One is that a younger girl (15-24ish) comes out in a white gown before the bride: she is the "announceuse," or the one who announces the arrival of the bride. The church was absolutely PACKED! Everyone the couple knows it seems is invited to the wedding, but there isn't the same expectation of a reception afterwards. The couple had a reception at the school, but only certain groups were invited to eat: everyone else just hung out in chairs set up in the back. 

At the reception, there were a series of toasts and advice to the bride and groom, dinner, and then all of a sudden, everyone was gone! 
The newlyweds and the FSIL staff

Look out for this guys wedding in January 2014! I have been invited to 4 weddings between now and August!
The cake!

The Newlyweds! Wishing them much happiness! 
School is on break from now until the beginning of January, so I am headed north for a few days! Look out for a new post next week about all of my adventures! 

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